Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

pink and yellow, why not?

tutu skirt is one of my favorites! match it with hoodie shirt, but I make the hood to cover my neck :p

put big square eye glasses is a good idea

the most bangle and mecklace I love. Actually that's not bangle but I wear it as a bangle.

hijab : Noni Zakiah
hoodie shirt : bought at LEO fashion
envelope bag : unbranded
tutu skirt : made by me
necklace and bangle : I found it at my room :p

look at me

It's my first look! that's why make "Look at Me" as the title. :D

I think jumputan is (still) coming. I match wide leg pants and loose blouse, and voila! sooo comfortable.

is that good marrying jumputan and soft polka dots?
and one more, turban style is good for hot weather in Indonesia

hijab : Noni Zakiah
loose blouse : made by my superMOM
wide pants : bought at LEO fashion